Philosophy | Design

Architecture is the art of adaptation to and recognition of place. Our place. Our home, in all senses of the word. To build is to create a dwelling place for ourselves in which to work, love and grow. Our buildings do not exist separate from the world, to wall us off from it, but rather to embrace a place, and make a niche for our lives. My Philosophy is that we need to build our houses, our work spaces, and our towns and cities in such a way that they are natural extensions of the places we inhabit. We must dwell lightly on the earth, yet take advantage of all of the unique characteristics of any given place.

With this in mind, my approach to Design starts by asking questions of potential clients, and asking questions about the sites where building is proposed. In my experience, many people are not sure what an architect does, or what an architect can do for them. My job is to help you discover what kind of dwelling suits you, meets your functional needs, and enhances the place you call home. Bringing me on board as your architect is an invitation to embark on the process of the timeless way of building. It is an exploration for both of us: I recommend a book, A Pattern Language, by Christopher Alexnder, to introduce the idea of this process.

This is me channelling my inner Michelangelo.

John has been living in his native Denver since 2001, and has been a licensed architect in Colorado since 2005. He has a Masters Degree in Architecture from the University of Oregon, and a BS in Civil/Structural Engineering from the University of Colorado, Denver.  He believes firmly in the power of travel to inform and improve architecture.

There is one timeless way of building. it is thousands of years old, and it is the same today as it has always been.       --christopher alexander